Constantine Bates

Constantine Bates (1883-1963)

Constantine Bates is the 80-year-old African American maid who worked for the Phelans'. She loved Skeeter and took care of her while Skeeter's mother, Charlotte Phelan, had stomach cancer and became very sick. Constantine adored Skeeter ever since she was a little girl. Skeeter really loved Constantine because she had raised her ever since she was born. Skeeter later tells Aibileen that Constantine had quit and moved to Chicago to live with her daughter, Rachel.

Skeeter asks Charlotte about Constantine. Charlotte tells Skeeter about what really happened. Charlotte had been forced to fire Constantine and tells her to leave. While Constantine leaves, Skeeter turns upset. Charlotte also tells a tearful Skeeter that she had sent Skeeter's brother, Carlton up to Chicago to bring Constantine home. When he got there, Constantine had died. A hurt and tearful Skeeter walks away, distraught while Charlotte sobs while sitting in her bed.

Constantine was born on December 24, 1883 and died on March 15, 1963

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